See up-to-date, accurate records of recent sales, transfers, loan positions, deeds, and condemnations of properties across the United States.  


Property Characteristics, House Size, Building Permits, Lot Size, Addresses, Interior and Exterior Features all compiled in one easy-to-access data warehouse. 


Be on top of a property’s financial history with Zoomprop’s comprehensive data on private real estate transactions, including deeds, property taxes and sales prices. 


Get all relevant owner information for any property, including foreclosures and pre-foreclosures, tax mailing address, exemptions, occupancy and more. 


Foreclosure Data

With comprehensive coverage of all 50 states, more than 640 counties, and 54 million unique properties, as well as proprietary predictive analytic tools,  Zoomprop is the leading provider of pre-foreclosure and foreclosure data nationwide. Our local data collectors provide detailed property data to investment and brokerage firms, hedge funds, and other companies across the country.


Real Estate Listings Data

Zoomprop provides a unique, automated view of the housing market, while also ensuring competitive compliance and protecting intellectual property rights. Fast, direct integration with your systems means information can be leveraged immediately within your applications.


Property Valuation Data

See the latest valuation information on any property in the United States, transaction data for more than 3,000 counties nationwide, and overlays that show geographical trends of home values, crime rates and other factors that may determine a property's value.

Next Level Real Estate Intelligence


Start optimizing your portfolio and growing your business exponentially with Zoomprop. See how our cutting edge, machine learning algorithm can work for you–delivering massive amounts of data daily, filling in the gaps left by traditional aggregators, and giving you exclusive insight into the markets that matter to you.